Featured Weddings

Yelena + Barbara

Yelena and Barbara found their perfect wedding location on happen chance. After stopping to hear where theĀ  beautiful Jazz music was coming from on their way home one night, they knew the Green Building in Brooklyn was the perfect place to tie the knot. Their special day was filled with[…]

Yoni + Ron

Yoni and Ron were married in Washington D.C. in a beautifully traditional Jewish ceremony by an Orthodox Rabbi. Many elements of their wedding reflected the uniqueness of their relationship and ceremony. Everything from their chuppah to the location looked absolutely gorgeous! Read more about their wedding here!

Mike + Leo

Mike and Leo’s married consisted of a beautifully traditional Jewish ceremony. They even had their own Ketubah created specifically for them, to symbolize their relationship and love. Their big day looked absolutely gorgeous, Mazel Tov!

Sarah + Joanna

Much of Sarah and Joanna’s pre-wedding planning and prep included not just picking their favorite vendor or caterer, but carefully selecting ones that would be just as excited and supportive of their big day as they were — and it couldn’t have paid off more. Everything from the food and[…]

Jennifer + Jessica

Jennifer and Jessica kicked off their day with just one of many unique ideas — arriving by canoe to their lakeside wedding ceremony in Concord, Massachusetts. Their ceremony took place at the Old Manse and included a traditional Chuppah. Their reception was at the Pierce House in Lincoln and included[…]

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